Launchin’ It at Morning Love Letter (September 1, 2011)

When I started this I didn’t know where it would go.
I was emailing a handful of friends every couple days with pep talk chit chat and thoughts on life.

I didn’t realize how incredible it would be to connect with so many people – some of you I know, others I’ve never met in person – via language,
I never thought I would be able to develop my own website because I had been telling myself for years that I wasn’t tech savvy.

But I just began doing it, everything that I never thought I could,

all that I only imagined dreaming about,
little by little, without any certainty of where it would lead.

So now I write every single day about the lives we live and how we relate to ourselves and each other,

I share stories and feel honored to do so, mine, yours, ours,
I live through your language and hold space for you in my dreams.

And now I’m writing in joy and gratitude to announce the launch of my website!

Check it out here!

This is a space to house Morning Love Letter in addition to clips of my recent work and information about my writing workshops.

If you want to

make your writing more effortless and eloquent and

boost your self-esteem when it comes to your creative self

then please contact me regarding my services:

  • Copywriting services for advertising, marketing, and sales purposes
  • Branding support and website copy development
  • Editing of important professional and personal documents
  • Personal essay brainstorming and development
  • Resume/ cover letter creation and revisions
  • Professional correspondence coaching
  • Writing proficiency and grammar tutoring

Furthermore, after having honed my skills both in the writing and personal development arenas, I now want to offer the following coaching services:

  • Writing coaching for professional writers and non-writers
  • Lifestyle design coaching for artists: Working with artists to structure their lives around their craft and to recognize the beauty of living in their passions while earning money and thriving professionally and personally

Come check out Morning Love Letter at these virtual hot spots:

Morning Love Letter on Facebook

Morning Love Letter on Twitter

Thank you for participating in my journey and for inspiring me.

Please forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it.

With love & gratitude,


P.S. An incredible “thank you” to Jenny Sansouci and Ben Goldman for helping me wet my feet in the website building process and teaching me what they know. I appreciate your support more than I can express. 

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