Morning Love Letter (September 2, 2011)

In the end it won’t be about how much I cried over the milk I spilled or the deal I didn’t land with that high-end client,
I won’t remember the dress I didn’t buy because I thought it was inappropriate for a black tie wedding or the vacation I never went on because I couldn’t scrape together the resources.

Even now I know it,
as much as the world’s implicit messaging may try to prove otherwise –

this is all about the people.

I tell myself it will be okay both coming and going,
that my sweet tears won’t drown out my passions if I can learn how to live with them
as much as I live with my laughter and yours and

the musicality of your voice when you tell me that the rain will lead us into freedom.

This is all about the people.

Out in a land where I gratefully lose myself into the moment of forever,

I am not confused about what I should do next or how to prioritize my waking hours

because I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my faith.

Take my hand, I won’t let it go –

you say –

this is all about the people,

this is all about your you to my me.

It is true, of all that I don’t know I think I can say I know that
it’s not about the where, the what, the why, the how –

it’s the who.

Because I wouldn’t care about the black tie wedding if you weren’t there to dance with me,
my laughter would bounce back into itself if your ears didn’t receive it and result in a shared echo,
and I only want to go to Rome if you’ll go with me.

We move, breathe, and live individually, navigating our days in whatever ways we can,
but we love together.

This is messy, sloppy, and uncomfortable,

and this may be as good as it gets.

So what are you going to do with what – and who – you have?


Your Higher Self

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