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Dearest Morning Love Letter community –

I’m writing to share the exciting news that my copywriting and branding business has really taken off as of late. I’ve been working with small businesses and entrepreneurs –
to bring their ideas to life –

to take their copy from ordinary to EXTRAordinary.

Five clients were really impacted by my work and wrote about their experience in hiring me. Check out their testimonials below my signature.

Here’s what I offer:

■ Copywriting services for advertising, marketing, and sales purposes
■ Branding support and website copy development
■ Editing of professional and personal documents
■ Personal essay brainstorming and development
■ Resume/ cover letter creation and revisions
■ Professional correspondence coaching
■ Writing proficiency and grammar tutoring

My mission is

to connect and support people through the transformational power of the written word.

I would love to support you in your mission, whatever it may be.

If you, your company, or someone you know want(s) to partner on your next project then please contact me so we can start brainstorming.

Email me between now and May 31 to set up a complimentary fifteen minute phone consultation to discuss your current writing needs.

Please feel free to share this email with your network. Thank you very much.
To learn more about my writing ventures, check out my website.

With gratitude,

Meredith Levick
Writer + Editor + Branding Strategist + Experiential Educator

Here’s what people have to say about working with me:

Meredith swooped in with her incredible insights, poignant questions and laser focused editing skills and was able to give my inner thoughts a powerful, vulnerable, clear presence on paper. Now writing is one of my favorite things to do and my blog has grown an incredible following.

Before working with Meredith, I felt scattered about the way I was communicating my message. After I received the copy Meredith crafted for me, I cried, jumped for joy (no exaggeration) and then instantly felt at ease because I knew my readers would understand what I was communicating. Meredith Levick has the magical wordsmithing touch.

Working with Meredith was a dream. She was able to clearly articulate what I needed without much specific guidance from me. Her emails were always clear, to the point and guided me to work in my own best capacity. Additionally, her deliverables far exceeded my expectations. She was able to make them sound just like me, only better, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I was blown away by Meredith’s talent, professionalism and killer communication style. She is not only reliable and creative in her approach to capturing my own image but I totally trusted her expertise and I felt at total ease that she would do an amazing job.

Meredith is a thoughtful and encouraging collaborator. She brings the best of herself to every interaction so you can’t help but be the best, most authentic, you there is when you’re working with her.

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