A Morning Love Letter 30th Birthday (May 24, 2012)

The date of your birth,

it feels surreal, doesn’t it?
It is not always real, it rarely is real, it feels like anything but.

Truth. This is all real.

The waking up and knowing
this is when it all started,
however many years ago it was
when you and your mother first met.

It was, most likely, love at first sight.

This birthday feels particularly romantic and raw and vulnerable to me,

this transition into the next decade.
There is so much hoopla around this,
like I’m waving “goodbye” to youth and “hello” to my adulthood.

Bon voyage, buen dia, shalom, sweet dreams, and welcome.


Say the word out loud and with feeling.

Say the word long and with purpose.

This year feels different, and not just because I’m leaving my twenties behind.

This year feels different because I’m celebrating myself in very real ways lately,

I’m celebrating who I am right now, here, as I am.

Truth. This is all real.

I am celebrating this very event, the very reason I am here in
this community of artistry and intention,
with you, all of you, bless you –
the beginning of everything,

I am honoring the birth of my greatest self.

Somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow,
between the dreams that never were and the dreams that still need to be,

I gave myself the gift of life:

wild, unexpected, dirty, uncontrollable life.

I decided, I am enjoying this before, during, and after.

I am worth all of it in any and every direction I travel.

Bon voyage, buen dia, shalom, sweet dreams, and welcome.
I’ll see you on the flip side after the holiday weekend.
I’ll meet you where the grass is orgasmically green, and

your smile is loud like a skyscraper.

I’ll hug you for awkwardly extensive periods of time and gift you all the joy that I could express in a candled wish or a late night walk down any avenue you want to find me upon.

I’ll love you as much as I did the day I was born because

we’ve never been anything but one.
Truth. This is all real,

and I am so thankful that it is.

Thank you for adventuring with me. You are my celebration.

With birthday magic & insanely massive quantities of pure happiness,

Meredith Dankner Levick

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