Living in the details (December 27, 2012)

Life is lived in the details,
in those nearly imperceptible instances when you think that

nothing is happening.

That may be when everything is happening,
even though you don’t know it.

I find this sequence to be on repeat,
do you hear me?
Are my thoughts cyclical?
Are your thoughts cyclical?

Dance into the motion of your cyclical thoughts.

The circle is endless and beginningless.

My grandmother’s aide paints her fingernails,
her hands, nearly 102 years old now,
rest inside my grip
although at this point I am not sure who is doing the holding.

The minor detail –

2012-12-22 12.21.22


her painted fingernails –
reveals to me that
my grandmother is loved
and not just by me,
she is cherished and cared for,

and that relieves me, that inspires me.

I see her painted fingernails and am reminded that
she is a woman who loved a man
who passed away over forty years ago,

that she is a survivor and a legend.

In the pink tint I see my past



d my future,
I read stories I don’t even know yet

because they haven’t been written.

What is living inside the details
you are not noticing?

Where is everything happening?


Your Higher Self


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