Stepping back to forge ahead (December 28, 2012)

Dear friends of Morning Love Letter,

Today I write to you as the author of this mission, not necessarily in the voice of our collective Higher Self but in the voice of my self, the in-process artist. I aim to embody and implement the mission of healing, connecting, and supporting people through the transformational power of language.

When I started Morning Love Letter in April 2010 I had no idea how it would grow to become more than I could have intended, how I would have the opportunity to connect with people through our shared experiences and our shared words. Consistently I am in awe of these connections and the opportunity I have to participate in them.

Your courage lifts me up and inspires me to live big.

In the next month I will be traveling locally and internationally, and I decided that this is an ideal time for me to step back from this venture and to reflect on where this has been and where this is going. I need to refuel the Morning Love Letter engine to chart the course ahead. This is the first time in the past (close to) three years that I have taken a significant pause from this work, and I am feeling like it’s the best choice for me – and to the benefit of my audience – right now.

Thank you for patiently waiting for me on the other end of this break. I look forward to connecting again soon.

In the meantime, I wish you endless love, peace, joy, ease, and abundance as you enter into the next year. May you know, have, grow, and be(come) all you could desire.

With gratitude,

Meredith Levick

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