The big mess (January 12, 2015)

Morning Love Letter_1.12.15

Love is more messy

than the time I threw cottage cheese against a

wall because I was scared and
you were
endlessly supportive.

Have you ever tried to clean up a mess of cottage cheese?
It’s foul and time-consuming

and it may make you laugh until you think you have a six pack.

I walked into the candy store on the Lower East Side about
an hour before they were to close.
The tourists were floating around,
the kids were giggling,
and I was smiling.

Of all the choices out there,
of all the candy stores in New York City,
I wanted to go to this one.
I bought you treats for our journey and imagined you
feeling giddy –
like, well, a kid in a candy store –
nibbling on a chocolate almond as we drove

from where we are to where we will be.

I loved that vision of you in my heart,
enjoying a sweet and traveling everywhere you want to go

Love is more messy
than most things that we can know in life,
and I don’t regret throwing that cottage cheese against the wall,
because of all the candy stores out there
I walked into that one,
and we chose each other,

and we choose each other,

again and again and again,
every morning,
like this morning.

Here’s to the big mess,

Your Higher Self

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