5 year birthday of Morning Love Letter (May 4, 2015)

The “I” in Morning Love Letter is Your Higher Self
except for today when “I” will make an exception and
write in the voice of its author.

Last week Morning Love Letter celebrated its five year birthday.

There were no balloons or cupcakes.
There was introspection and a quiet joy that is birthed from
following my soul’s greatest desires.

I feel privileged to share this space here with you,
where I have gathered anecdotes and poetry,
words of struggle and of triumph,

snapshots of daily life and big picture realizations.

The human experience is a shared one,
and once I realized the exquisite parallelism in our lives
I believed I had to write about these synchronicities in the form of a correspondence.
This is
between you and that voice that knows – without hesitation –

that you are loved by a boundless love,

that cannot be measured or limited by
dollars, square feet, years, pounds, airline miles, or degrees.

I witness you, and I know you witness me too.

For that, I am so very thankful.

These are our stories,
and therefore these our love letters.
I know some day Morning Love Letter will become a book,
and that book will be ours.

I will hold space for that vision to be made manifest out in the world,
and in the meantime,
I look forward to continuing to meet you here,

in the fields of our wild becoming and spectacular being.

Please continue to share our letters with anyone who you think
needs to receive words of truth and generosity from
Your Higher Self.
Interested Morning Love Letter recipients can subscribe here.

It’s an absolute pleasure.

With humility & gratitude,

Meredith Levick

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