I was always meant to be a love letter (December 28, 2015)

MLL_12.28.15And I raise my head up into the sky
and set my eyes on the open abyss in the wilderness out there –

counting the stars I see –

fantasizing about planets I will never know the names of –
“anyone out there” I sing into the clouds –
counting, I find myself doing so,
one star for each of my many blessings –

too many to name offhand and too few to actually hold

all that I know to be true.

And I raise my head up into the sky,
tilt my neck backwards,
and let my eyes marvel at the expanse
of what it means to not understand that my hand can only reach so far

and my heart can only know so many people.

And I raise my head up into the sky,
and I pray –
please open me up to more compassion, more kindness, and more generosity
of time and spirit than I was able to carry inside myself yesterday,

let me be a lighthouse for those who are lost in eternal night,

may my hands and my ears be open to need, desire, and disappointment,

and make space in my home for the laws that the
media never reports on.

And I raise my head up into the sky,
and I trust that the new year is a privilege –

that I can begin again (like all mornings),

that I am given more time here to do more good work and to maximize
more of the gifts I have been given.
Please universe,

grant unto me more poetry.

This is what I know to be so –

I was always meant to be a love letter.

Joyful and peaceful new year to all,

Your Higher Self (humbly so)

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