When we become fallen stones (February 22, 2016)

2013-06-09 12.56.04Standing inside the gateway of this world and the beyond,
will you breathe in and find yourself
recalling the missed birthday card, the run in your stockings,

or the delayed flight?

When we become fallen stones,
leaning against each other in a cemetery that future generations will glance upon,
none of the mistakes will matter,

the embarrassment and unattainable achievements

will have been left on the sidewalk with your
cracked opportunities and forgotten promises.

I cannot imagine myself saying,
I wish I hadn’t felt so much, loved so deeply, or joked and cried

with that much courage and humanity.

I will not quantify my affection or my generosity
as if I were budgeting grocery money or completing my annual taxes.
I will never look back on the time you held me

longer than I thought I was worthy of

and wish that I had stepped away
to continue scrubbing the
extra virgin olive oil off the pan.

I will remember
waking up with the sun on my bare skin and
making the bed while reveling in

a pop song (tuck, dance, fold, dance),

letting the rain soak me as a reminder of my own humility,
and smiling at and with you
because we are all created in the image of a divine source.

I may not recall what you look like as the details are blurred lines

designed to keep us separate,

but I will know how you made me feel,

and in that joy, I will cherish you always.

When we become fallen stones,
I pray with the hope of a thousand stars
that we can lean on each other and laugh until
grammar loses its importance
and the determined breeze carries us into

the morning (like this morning),

Your Higher Self

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