Enough (April 18, 2016)

It started as a whisper,
barely imperceptible amidst the crowd of other voices

making themselves known in my mind.

Soon it was a hum,
accompanying me on my every day errands around town
and when I was winding down in the evening.
Then it became a song,
too much to ignore but not enough that I wanted to give

into it.

And lo and behold,

a stampede – a symphony of knowingness and certainty inside myself –

and this is what I heard:

you are enough.
there will never be a time when who you are and what you do in the world

is anything less than enough.

You are loved
by an unending love that has no understanding of the time and space continuum
and only operates under the assumptions of
limitlessness and kindness.

This statement is not an overly generous one.

It is in fact a truth.

Once upon a time there was
a smallness inside of you that tore you down and made you feel


And now, that smallness has been replaced by
the symphony of faith that I am sharing with you here.

Believe me now,
listen to this,

enough. Enough. Enough,

Your Higher Self

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