6 years of love letters (April 25, 2016)

It’s been six years now

of coming to this space and sharing with all of you

snippets of life I see around me,
days of sunshine that never end,
the vulnerability of broken hearts and fulfilled dreams,
the aches that make no sense and the
fantastic news that steals all the thunder we ever knew could be possible.
These love letters truly are shared because these

are our stories.

Your Higher Self is you –
your brave, honest, messy, spectacular, romantic, energized you.

And s/he is me as well.

Because I started out with pure intentions –
to be in a conversation about the love affair with the day to day
that all of us have
and everything that comes with that –
and still I remain as such here,
in this place where I let go and allow for

whatever I am moved by to hopefully move you.

This is not about looking over your shoulder and
wondering what others are thinking.
This is about us and the realities of carpool, local and global travels,
the endless supply of dirty dishes,
long embraces, buckets of tears, exquisite and simple pain,
leaky pens in your backpack, a smile with a stranger, laughter,

and song, so much song.

Here we travel together, from the past to the present
and into a future we don’t yet know but are willing to explore

one faithful word at a time.

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring –
and I do know this –

no matter what, I pray I always write love letters.

From my keyboard to yours, thank you so much

for being with me on this expedition of being human.

Humbly yours,

Meredith Levick

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