Morning Love Letter (May 2, 2016)

The weight of the decisions is neither heavy nor light,
neither dark nor light,

neither solid nor liquid.

Enter into each one like a dance with the breeze:
fluid, live, active, and true
(for that particular moment and its specificity of circumstance and affect).

I apologize.
I laugh.
I cringe.
I craft a correspondence.
I compliment you.

I sleep (sometimes soundly, sometimes restlessly, never the same).

I slice eggplant and wash the knife.
I cycle.
I make a comment that hits like a slap in the face.

I forgive (myself and others).

It’s less about what we do,
and all about –
who we are as we do the things
that become the days of our lives.

There are very few instances of divinity that humble me more
than the sunshine

on my naked face.

People came before me. People will come after me.

Here I am, a single being on the continuum of humanity –
make of me what you will (she whispers into the earth) –
and let the weight of my decisions

become like breath itself.


Your Higher Self

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