On your (re)birth (May 16, 2016)

With awe and delight,
you were embraced into this imperfect sphere
of unlikely miracles, genuine intentions, raw challenges, ripe

strawberries, long hugs, the Internet, and heated global politics.

In your eyes there is a new beginning
because you are seeing everything for the first time.
That newness, that first-ness, makes you this blank slate
upon which so many

will scribble their hopes, expectations, and desires.

Do not concern yourself with the weight of the world.

Travel lightly on this journey ahead.
You will be held by the wings of the courageous angels who stand beside you –
some of whom you can see, others of whom you cannot.
Trust in their presence regardless.

Picture this in your fragile mind:

there will be some days ahead when you are so broken open by love
that the earth will not hold you up enough, so weak in the knees will
you be by the depth of beauty and bravery in you and around you –
on other days you may be so terrified and pained by the experience
of being human that you will crawl under the covers and wish away the
daylight and the sound of your phone ringing –
all the days in between

will make up your life.

Most of this time here on earth is composed of these “in between” days,
and you will learn the strength of living in that grey
with compassion, grace, and perseverance.

You will (eventually) cherish the rainbow in all of that.

Always know I will be with you –
as you learn how to spell your name,
wrestle with your big brothers,
fold your own laundry,
chop vegetables and cook dinner,
have your first kiss,
trek your way through school and summer camp,
and dance down the sidewalk with music in your being.

There is more love than the universe can comfortably hold,

and I know this all
because there was love before you and will be love after you.
You are entering into this continuum of truth.
You will make mistakes, many of them.
God willing, you will learn from them.

You will form a relationship with your own sense of religiosity and
spirituality. Torah will be a teacher and a friend to you on this
in whatever ways you so choose for it to be.
Read the words on the page.
Become immersed in the words between the lines.

Get messy.

Be brutally honest.
You may even need to break your own heart and then start over again.

Undoubtedly there will be a point when you surrender yourself to the
wisdom of our predecessors and find yourself crying out for reason and
Then tomorrow will be another day.

Your knees will get skinned while playing soccer in the rain.

You will sleep through your alarm on the morning of an exam.
Your college girlfriend will study abroad in Barcelona, and
you may drift apart.

Feel deeply and live fully…
and always surrender yourself to the growth…
Because those typos on the page will be messages from the divine.
You will translate them to make meaning for yourself.

This is both a game and a reality.

There is a line you will learn to balance upon
where you understand to respect what’s already in place
and also crawl up against boundaries,
raging against injustice and waxing poetically about the stars.

Go out and be that poetry that is so infinitely committed

to the satellite of possibility.
Become light as a feather
without getting blown off course.
Stand firmly for what you believe in
without sacrificing the ability to be agile and flexible.

On the afternoons when you are soaring high,
in those slices of time when you are weary and scattered and knowing loss,
and during all those sharply grey mornings
when sunshine is there, peeking through the clouds,
as the chocolate chip ice cream drips down your chin,
hold my hand to stay steady and open in the face of great change.
We will support each other wholly.

You may not remember any of this in the years to come.
You may need to learn all of this again and again,
with varied perspectives and quirky personalities involved.
I anticipate all of that.
The privilege of being alive is there is no limit on how many times we

can fall in love with “right now.”

And today, let’s be broken open by that limitless
love together.

With humility and with community,
Your Higher Self

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