A life of boxes (June 20, 2016)

Whether we know it or not,
life is a continuum of packing and unpacking boxes,

of the physical, spiritual, and emotional kind.

Don’t panic by these changes.
They are here for your much needed evolution.
Divine as you are,

here on this earth you have come,

to witness, to engage, to ache, to yearn, and to love.
Come face to face with your boxes,
the ones where you put last year’s sweaters and next year’s dreams,
and look at all of them with the presence of a full morning.
When you move into a new home,
let go of expectations and pains,
and gently place inside those boxes

what you hope to carry with you on your journey

and who you plan to be(come).
On forms in doctor’s offices and those written by the government,
you may be forced into boxes.
Don’t conform to those right angles.

You are more than another person’s checklist.

Life is a series of boxes –
where you may find new sneakers, love letters, a family heirloom, a table from Ikea, or a number of other things.

Things, more things, memories, more memories, feelings, endless feelings.

We open and close, pack and unpack,
with varying levels of desire, enthusiasm, and ease.
Rest assured,
there is endless heavy duty masking tape for all your
boxes ahead,
Your Higher Self

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