Morning Love Letter (August 1, 2016)

I seek out definition in the path

and expect cla2016-07-20 11.32.39rity.

With choice at my left and my right,
I flounder.
So I stop, right where I am, and land firmly on the ground,

both feet paused,

hands loose and open,
mind present.
“Take me where I need to go,” I pray,
with no sense for what the next step will bring.
The woods are dense,
the light sporadic and warm,
the intensity nearly palpable.

I seek out definition in the path
and expect clarity.

“I surrender myself to the woods,” I sing to nobody
and to myself
and to the angels,

who are laying down the earth beneath me.

“I surrender myself to the gravity of the uncontrollable.”

Here now (join me),

Your Higher Self

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