It’s everywhere (August 29, 2016)

No matter what,
the sand gets everywhere.
In my bag, on my clothing, in between my toes,
in my hair.
I feel powerless over the everywhereness which the beach

leaves on me, around me.

Sometimes I even taste it, the fine grains on my lips,
reminding me of yesterday.
For days to come,
I may unearth the sand in my contemporary life,
even in my wallet.
I let my eyes rest on the water in the distance,
imagining a tomorrow I don’t know yet,
and my body settles into the forgiving sand beneath.
Everywhere, it cushions me.
Everywhere, it holds me, shaping and shifting to let me be at rest.

No matter what,

the ocean is everything,
haunting my dreams as I swim and drown through it,
keep myself afloat and fight against the white caps.
Everywhere, everywhere, the landscape calls to me,
begging me to recognize
I will never be satisfied

if I only dip my tiny toe in the water,

Your Higher Self

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