Morning Love Letter (September 12, 2016)

Soften your way with others.
Ease the pain of yesterday so you don’t carry it into today.

Drink when you’re thirsty.

Rest when you’re tired.
Listen to your mind, your body, your spirit.
Keep all of it as simple as possible,
and apologize when you’ve done wrong,
because we all do even when we don’t mean to do so.
Hug for a long time, even longer than you may be comfortable with,

and surrender into the arms of the other person.

Assume others mean well.
Hold eye contact and smile with your being.
Let yourself get caught in the rain,
and don’t worry about your wet sneakers.
They will dry.

Everything does, eventually.

Breathe in the smell of a freshly laundered towel
and the familiarity of your pillow.
Eat slowly.
Ignore the dust under the couch for a good long while.
Call or an old friend, or don’t, but either way,
try not to linger too long on what should be
or what was not.
Sweat when it’s hot without apology.
Let others go first.
Life is not a race to the finish line.
You’ll be okay; you already are.
Save your hypotheticals for another day.

And still, keep all of it as simple as possible.

Let your hand be held by faith,
and keep on walking whether your sneakers
are sopping wet or not,

Your Higher Self

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