The empowering (November 7, 2016)

Keep moving.

That’s what (s)he tells me.

No need to linger too long in the stories that drown us.
Reach up your arm,
grab at the sky, at the light,
find your way into something softer, more true,

more rigorously honest.

Get serious
about laughing more and worrying less.
Nobody ever controlled their lives by worrying more and

living less.

Keep moving.
What are you so scared of?
Tell me, and the rain and I will hear you
and wash away the smallness of anything
that may hold you down and back and in.
Don’t dwell on the things that disempower you.
I’m right here, holding you, witnessing you,
trusting in how you care for yourself and those around you,
the richness of the earth, the endurance of the wild kingdom
of beings,

of which you are one —

vulnerable, stunning, imperfect, and human.
Stand inside the essence of your spirit.
It’s quite all right to save the deep dive for another time and another place.
For now, let it be morning, let it be a beginning again,

keep moving

with awareness, with song, with a slice of a clementine
and a glass of water.

With grace,
Your Higher Self

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