New adventures ahead for Morning Love Letter (December 19, 2016)

Dear friends,

Come with me on a journey from here to another place.
You’ve taken my hand this far,

and I trust you’ll continue with me along, slowly and steadily.

Recently, during a vinyasa yoga class,
the instructor directed us to arch our right hip out and reach our arm forward
to touch into the future.
I felt an ache and then a relieving of tension.
I pushed past the not knowing and allowed myself to be as I was.

When I did reach, I touched an alternate reality

in which the choices that I made when I was young(er)
landed me in a place other than here.
Then I lost my balance and fell to the mat,

with my knee tucked under to catch my fall.

Civil engineering fascinates me.
Can you imagine building a bridge and then walking across it?

Come to think of it,

that’s the entire human experience.

So here we are, investigating the human experience together.
We’ve been here since April 2010,
when I had this wild idea that I wanted to
share words, visions, dreams, and anecdotes of stumbling and dancing through life

with all of you.

After nearly 7 years, I am taking a hiatus from Morning Love Letter

to pursue other artistic adventures.

Among those endeavors is a weekly inspirational Monday morning wake up email

I will be authoring for Romemu, a Jewish community based in New York City that seeks to integrate mind, body, and soul.

I pray you will join me over there.
Please register here to continue to receive the words of your Higher Self.

I will wind down 2016 and this current iteration of Morning Love Letter next week, for one final poem from my heart to yours, before transitioning to other adventures beyond this page.

From my diary to yours,

Meredith Levick (humble founder and author of Morning Love Letter)

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