The greatness is above (October 17, 2016)








Because I knew I was never going to find my way

always looking down at my feet

and walking with the sun on my neck

instead of having the burst of life on my cheeks,
instead of knowing the scent of the air as winter approaches,
instead of seeing the colors that Mother Nature birthed
when she was imagining and delighting in (y)our arrival

on earth,

Your Higher Self

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Let it be simple (October 10, 2016)

Let your practice be simple.

Don’t over-complicate the day by finding waves in and out of nonsense.

Focus on what’s right in front of you.

It’s the only piece of life you can know.

This won’t go on forever,
whatever the feeling you are having, no matter what,
recognize that it is temporary.

It all is.

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And again (October 3, 2016)

The world was created,
and before me there was love,

and after me there will be love

so what will I do in between,

with this single life I have been given?

Will I be ferociously courageous?
Will I make waves and make amends?
Will I stand on the edge of the unknown and feel frightened down to my toes
but do it anyway?

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In the morning (September 26, 2016)

You proudly make me eggs and
add chopped mushrooms and garlic.
The strawberries wait for me in a blue ceramic dish,
and we listen to indie music.

We sit kitty corner to one another and

sip on coffee with 2% milk (even though I don’t drink coffee,

not until you).

I rest on the couch as you read The New Yorker to me
and use animated voices to make a point,
to carry a story,
to carry me.

I throw a long sleeve shirt into the pannier for when the breeze
picks up
because it will and it does,
and we both know that,

even though we don’t know much else.

As we bike you let me ride first so I am safe

with your gaze upon me.

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Lessons from a toddler (September 19, 2016)

My two year old nephew approaches each activity with the same

fervor and joy as the one before.

He doesn’t keep track of his trips and falls,
the wailing of minutes prior,
or the bath that may come later.

He fixates on what’s right before him,

letting his mind and body be fully there for the adventure at hand.
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Morning Love Letter (September 12, 2016)

Soften your way with others.
Ease the pain of yesterday so you don’t carry it into today.

Drink when you’re thirsty.

Rest when you’re tired.
Listen to your mind, your body, your spirit.
Keep all of it as simple as possible,
and apologize when you’ve done wrong,
because we all do even when we don’t mean to do so.
Hug for a long time, even longer than you may be comfortable with,

and surrender into the arms of the other person.

Assume others mean well.
Hold eye contact and smile with your being.
Let yourself get caught in the rain,
and don’t worry about your wet sneakers.
They will dry.

Everything does, eventually.

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In the fields of compassion (September 5, 2016)

And my eyes are full of wonder,
and my heart is full of hope,
and despite the whirl of breaking bad and breaking news,

I witness myself to be

faithful of the things that are, the things that may never be,
and what I wish for all of us:

I envision an endless horizon with lush greenery and stalks of vibrant sunflowers.
The sun is gentle on my bare skin, the winds of revelation are guiding me further into self-investigation.

I carry nothing, I travel within.

I have no preconceptions of what’s to come, I surrender into the teachings which wait for me in the unknown.

Humble and messy, I always am, and the inevitable typos keep me honest and human.

There are the moments I would wipe away if I could,
but if I would,
I wouldn’t be here, now, writing you this love letter,

and that’s not a truth I am willing to have pass me by.

So I keep my eyes full of wonder and my heart full of hope
by writing love across your bathroom mirror in smudged
burnt red lipstick
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It’s everywhere (August 29, 2016)

No matter what,
the sand gets everywhere.
In my bag, on my clothing, in between my toes,
in my hair.
I feel powerless over the everywhereness which the beach

leaves on me, around me.

Sometimes I even taste it, the fine grains on my lips,
reminding me of yesterday.
For days to come,
I may unearth the sand in my contemporary life,
even in my wallet.
I let my eyes rest on the water in the distance,
imagining a tomorrow I don’t know yet,
and my body settles into the forgiving sand beneath.
Everywhere, it cushions me.
Everywhere, it holds me, shaping and shifting to let me be at rest.

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Each blade of grass (August 22, 2016)

I witness each blade of grass with wonder,
admire its sleek form,
its resilience in the breeze,
the sharpness of color and ease of texture.

I let myself be captivated by this simple delight,

of truly seeing this single piece of life in front of me,
with the nowness ever present.

The text messages can wait.

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The wet heat (August 15, 2016)

In the wet heat of August
I am forced into honesty,
there is no hiding and no pretending,
even as much as we may wish there were.
There are flip flops, tropical color painted toe nails, and
thin cotton tank tops,

sweat dripping all over no matter what.

It’s the – no matter what – that gets to me,
there is no helping this feeling of being laid bare,
on the subway platform,
at the grocery store,
while at work.
This look with others of a shared understanding:
it is so damn hot, and we are

Surrendering into the heat again and again,
diving face first into glass after glass of cold water,
devouring chunks of watermelon as if I would never know
food again (and thank goodness, I will),

I am forced to look at everything as naked as I was born.

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